Dil Ishq - Episode 14 | Aijaz Aslam | Ayesha Khan | Neelum Munir

A story of a young, pretty and studious girl Bakhtawar (Neelum Munir) who has aspirations in life to do the best in her studies, she lived with her crippled father and her mother. A rowdy man in the neighborhood approached her but she refused , in the meanwhile she gets proposal from a caring guy Feroz but unfortunately the rowdy man’s wicked plan sabotage her character in front of in-laws and they called-off the wedding, her family didn’t trust her innocence and shunned Bakhtawar, she is shattered and heart-broken. Twist in the story comes when her father forced her to marry a rich gentleman Mansoor (Aijaz Aslam), with a heavy heart and bitterness she starts a new chapter of life. She comes to know that Mansoor was in love with Dil Meher (Ayesha Khan) but destiny tied her knot with another guy twice her age. With the passage of time, Bakhtawar and Mansoor developed liking for each other and they started living a normal life but sudden change in Dil Meher’s life due to her husband’s death brought turmoil in Bakhtawar and Mansoor’s life… Dil Ishq Ishq Kardaa beautifully shows a girl’s journey from being a girl to becoming a woman and the how she handles the post-marriage concerns. It has a realistic approach and highlights the intricacies of life…

Cast :
Aijaz Aslam,
Ayesha Khan,
Neelum Munir,
Sohail Asghar,
Shabbir Jaan

Writer: Aneeza Syed

Director: Syed Ali Raza Usama

Story and Screenplay: Faysal Manzoor
TV series
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There are different points of view regarding the series. Some people think that TV shows are a waste of time and take them absolutely seriously. Others argue that TV shows are a separate form of cinema art. Yes, no doubt, the long time duration of the series cannot be considered a plus. But these days, people are attracted to just that. They like to watch their favorite actors. Throughout the series, the actors become so close to us that it is difficult to imagine an evening without them.

The history of the series originates in the 1930s. At that time, the series played on the radio for a long time. But despite the low quality of shooting series, a large number of people approved of the "new art". Of course, today's series are much different from the past. All of them are crammed with various special effects, expensive and chic costumes and bright makeup. The plots are so fascinating that it’s hard to come off at least for a second. After so many years, you can watch your favorite series on the Internet, and not wait for the next series on TV.

Now there is no time frame; you can watch TV shows at your convenience. You can choose the appropriate quality, voice acting and even turn on subtitles. Now directors, producers create artistic scripts, work out every detail. Multi-episodes are so integrated into our lives that we cannot imagine what we would do without them. The purpose of the series is to attract the attention of viewers, as long as possible to keep the screens. And in my opinion this goal is fulfilled, rather exceeded!