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TV series
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There are different points of view regarding the series. Some people think that TV shows are a waste of time and take them absolutely seriously. Others argue that TV shows are a separate form of cinema art. Yes, no doubt, the long time duration of the series cannot be considered a plus. But these days, people are attracted to just that. They like to watch their favorite actors. Throughout the series, the actors become so close to us that it is difficult to imagine an evening without them.

The history of the series originates in the 1930s. At that time, the series played on the radio for a long time. But despite the low quality of shooting series, a large number of people approved of the "new art". Of course, today's series are much different from the past. All of them are crammed with various special effects, expensive and chic costumes and bright makeup. The plots are so fascinating that it’s hard to come off at least for a second. After so many years, you can watch your favorite series on the Internet, and not wait for the next series on TV.

Now there is no time frame; you can watch TV shows at your convenience. You can choose the appropriate quality, voice acting and even turn on subtitles. Now directors, producers create artistic scripts, work out every detail. Multi-episodes are so integrated into our lives that we cannot imagine what we would do without them. The purpose of the series is to attract the attention of viewers, as long as possible to keep the screens. And in my opinion this goal is fulfilled, rather exceeded!